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Complete Estate Planning Package

Estate Planning Document Package

Having a professionally drafted Will and other Estate Planning Documents is one of the most wise things a person can do.  If you die without a Will, your heirs will have to probate an intestate estate, which is far more difficult and expensive than a case where a clear, professionally written Will is present.  Other Estate Planning documents such as an Advance Directive (Living Will) and Powers of Attorney should give you peace of mind that decisions related to your wishes for health care decisions are documented and will be honored in the event you are incapacitated.

At Texas Probate Pros, our goal is to always provide quality documents at reasonable prices.  With that in mind, we developed our flagship Estate Planning Document Package.

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Flat Fee

For simple Estates (which are sufficient for most people with non-taxable estates), we offer flat fee pricing.  For a full simple Estate Planning Package, our fee is $1,200 for a single person or $2,000 for a married couple.

Documents Included


Simple Will (sufficient for most people with non-taxable estates).


Living Will (Directive to Physicians)


Statutory Durable Power of Attorney (Financial Power of Attorney)


Medical Power of Attorney


Medical Directive

More Complicated Estates

If a more sophisticated Will and Estate Plan is required to address your estate, we are unable to estimate the costs without complete knowledge of how complex the situation is or how long it will take to craft a document to address the needs.  In cases such as this, we generally charge fees on an hourly basis.  Effective May 20, 2024, Texas Probate Pros hourly rate for attorney’s fees is $450 per hour.  Texas Probate Pros hourly rate for paralegal work is $175 per hour.

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