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We Accept Legal Plans

What Are Legal Plans?

Many employers, especially large ones, include in their benefits package a Legal Plan that includes Estate Planning.  Unfortunately this important benefit is often overlooked.  Texas Probate Pros is proud to work with several of the leading Legal Plans to be able to provide high quality documents to you, often at no cost to you if you are enrolled in certain Legal Plans.  Contact your HR department to find out if your benefits package includes a Legal Plan for your Estate Planning needs.

Texas Probate Pros accepts several top quality legal plans.

Process To Use Legal Plans


Contact your Human Resources Department to find out if one of the benefits offered is a legal plan to cover Estate Planning. Sometimes this is included as a part of the employer sponsored life insurance policy.


Contact the Legal Plan under which you are covered. They will verify your coverage and provide you with a code that we then use to bill the Legal Plan instead of you!


Call us with the details and we will get the process started. After we verify your coverage, we will send you a document to complete. It is a simple questionnaire letting us know about your estate and your wishes.


After we receive the completed document from you, our attorneys will draft the Will and Estate Documents. We will then schedule a virtual meeting to discuss the documents and make sure we understood your wishes. We will also answer any questions at this meeting and go through the document with you to make sure you understand everything important.


After you approve the documents, our attorney will send you electronic copies for you to print. You will take the printed documents to a Notary along with two disinterested witnesses and sign the documents to complete the process.

Final Result

The final result is a valid Will, Powers of Attorney, and Medical Directive.  These will be effective if the unexpected happens to you.

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